Lawyer Nate Shepherd is back in action, defending a city councilman who is not only unlikable and abrasive but also accused of murder. Is he guilty?

Nate Shepherd is under pressure to quickly handle a murder trial.

A prominent politician, accused of murdering a local entrepreneur, employs Nate with a single stipulation—Nate has to try the case within three months. The politician has a foolproof alibi and wants to establish his innocence before his rivals can ruin his career.

Teaming up with his dynamic associate and his two oldest friends, Nate races against time to build the case. However, as the trial date approaches, Nate’s strategy crumbles when new witnesses appear and damning facts surface, evidence that his client conveniently fails to mention every time.

As his case weakens and his client shows no gratitude, Nate forges ahead. But a sudden family crisis on the eve of the trial threatens to throw everything off track. Battling doubts about his client and even himself, Nate steps into a trial he can’t afford to lose.

Swift Judgment is the seventh installment in the compelling Nate Shepherd Legal Thriller series. Fans of sharp dialogue, engaging characters, and gripping court trials will love this intense legal drama penned by Michael Stagg.

By Jessica

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