Dakota, tired of disappointing encounters with men, has almost given up on finding true love. However, when her lesbian friends persuade her to include women in her dating app preferences, she instantly connects with Jack, an NYPD detective.

Jack is upfront about not being into committed relationships, yet Dakota’s warmth and charm are too enticing to resist. What was initially intended to be a casual fling quickly evolves into a passionate affair that neither of them anticipated.

As deeper emotions begin to surface, Jack’s emotional defenses kick in. Will she and Dakota be able to transform their undeniable bond into something more significant, or will their diverse backgrounds and past traumas hinder their progress?

I Hope That I Don’t Fall In Love With You is a heartwarming yet spicy tale about taking a chance on love again to discover an unexpected soulmate.

Get your hands on this scorching tale of a one-night stand turning into a lifelong sapphic romance today!

By Jessica

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